Fort Santiago










Did you know?


• Fort Santiago was built in 1521 when Spain colonized the Philippines.


• Rizal was imprisoned in Fort Santiago for two months. It's also the place where he wrote his last poem, "Mi Ultimo Adios."














How to get there


• You can reach Fort Santiago by LRT or taxi.


•The entrance fee Php. 100.00 for adults and Php. 50.00 for students and children.




Enrich your knowledge as you visit the famous old fortress in the walled city.



This place is one of the famous tourist spots inside Intramuros. The Spaniards built Fort Santiago facing the Manila Bay to protect Intramuros from sea pirates and foreigners. What’s attracting in this place is its century-old Spanish architectural design and structure.




We all know that Fort Santiago is where Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Philippines, were imprisoned during the Spanish colonization. He fought the Spanish colonizers using his intellect in writing. His novels, articles and poems fired the Filipino’s hearts to stand up for independence.



There are other things to see in Fort Santiago such as medieval stuffs like arsenal, military warehouse, old ruins and Plaza de Armas (fort’s main square). Of course, there’s modern attractions in the fort such as theatres, picnic area, souvenir shops, restaurants and a wide garden.



Best way to learn the rich history of Fort Santiago is to ask for a tourist guide. They’re always friendly with their visitors and they will take you around the place.



The Walled City is not just your typical historic place. Experience the fresh classic today!

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